Outcomes For School staff

Mindfulness - strengthening outstanding practice

  • Mindfulness is most effective when practised regularly.
  • Sessions build on each other.

On completion of courses like this one staff have reported:

  1. Improved well-being, reduced stress, boosted immune system
  2. Increased calm, focus, concentration, productivity, organisation
  3. Better relationships, confidence, resilience, creativity

"On busy or stressful days mindfulness enables me to let go of work and personal pressures and sleep well." - Julie Newton-Smith - Manager at Croydon Opportunity Pre-School Group, Oasis Academy Children's Centre

'The course has been an outstanding success. It has had an extremely positive effect upon our School community and I recommend it to others warmly.'
-Kevin Knibbs, Headmaster, Hampton School

​​Programme Summary

Session 1 – experiencing the benefits of just being present

  • Honing focus
  • Increasing ability to concentrate
  • Responding rather than reacting 1
  • Developing well-being

Session 2 & 3 – creating calm

  • On-the-spot techniques for instant calm
  • Practices to build a calmer mind
  • Responding rather than reacting 2

Session 4 – stepping back and seeing the bigger picture

  • Recognising your own symptoms of stress; how to use mindfulness as a prophylactic
  • Short effective practical activities to de-stress during the day
  • Building in long-term well-being

Session 5 – turning towards difficulties

  • An innovative and effective way to respond skilfully to challenging situations both at home and at work

Session 6 – rewiring your brain for even better relationships

  • Boosting empathy
  • Mindfulness and tricky relationships

Sessions 7 & 8 – your one wild and precious life

  • An opportunity to look at the balance of your life:
  • Flourishing

.b Foundations © is an 8-week training for teachers and staff who wish to learn the foundations of mindfulness. This curriculum has been trialled and
proven effective in over thirty schools. Visit the Mindfulness in Schools website to find out more: http://mindfulnessinschools.org/

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