Mindfulness For Pupils

Mindfulness - strengthening outstanding practice

Evidence is flooding in from all over the world of the value to children and young people of learning mindfulness.

We all recognise the pressures that pupils are under these days and that some of them experience stress and anxiety. Mindfulness can help. But more than that mindfulness has been shown to offer skills that enable all children, whatever their background, to flourish.

Parents and pupils appreciate the opportunity that mindfulness affords in enabling pupils to learn to concentrate and focus more effectively; to learn ways to deal with worries; to increase their skills in responding to the difficulties life throws their way. Extensive, peer-reviewed research confirms that mindfulness training can help pupils to thrive.

Sue Bolton offers an 8-session (each lasting about an hour) mindfulness course for pupils. It is called '.b' and has been developed by the Mindfulness in Schools Programme.
The well-planned sessions are fun and engaging and pupil feedback has been highly positive. Pupils report the benefits of the course include being calmer before tests and exams, improved concentration, better sleep and having improved relationships at home. All of this supports their performance at school.

'It helped me sleep better. Mindfulness helps you relax’ - Connor

‘It helped me be less anxious before exams’ - Shaun

The efficacy of the Mindfulness in Schools Programme has been fully researched by Exeter University and the results can be found on their website.

What mindfulness is NOT: hippie : boring : yoga : religious : therapy

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