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Sarah lives with her three teenagers and her husband, all of whom she loves dearly. She works from home too. I asked her whether mindfulness has affected her life at all.......
'I find I am less snappy and short-tempered, so difficult relationships become less stressful. Sometimes I need to go to the toilet and take a few breaths! At the same time, mindfulness helps me recognise what I need in my life for my own wellbeing. I discovered I need more space, and as I take the space I need, that helps me manage those difficult relationships better.

‘It has made me look at my life from a more positive point of view. Negative thoughts still come and go, but I notice the positives more. For instance if I get cut up whilst driving, in the past I might have spent the whole day being cross, replaying the incident. Now I can almost look at it with amusement. Or if I am walking the dog in the rain, providing I am covered, I find myself enjoying the sounds of my wellies squelching in the mud, rain on one hand, dry on the other, the sound of the rain drumming on my hood, watching the dog, becoming absorbed, it becomes a precious experience. Mindfulness makes life more enjoyable.

'I have physical pain a lot of the time. As I allow myself to soften into the pain, giving it attention and tenderness, it starts to dissipate. Or I might have a tight headache, tension in the shoulders, and sensing the pain, I recognise something has happened that has upset me and I am holding on . So I ask myself, 'what is this?, why am I feeling this? I can be with this' and again the pain starts to go and I see the situation differently.

'Mindfulness has given me the tools to deal with difficult moments in my life. I am more accepting and tolerant, not in a gritted teeth way, I am more able to love.'

Mindfulness courses are starting on 29 January at Chequer Mead in East Grinstead 7.30 - 9.30, and 30 February in URC Church in Caterham with a free introduction. Come along and find out for yourself about the 8 week mindfulness training course which starts on 5 February in East Grinstead and 6 February in Caterham
Sue Bolton