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How would it feel to live a life where ‘your brain feels more chilled and less cluttered, you notice and enjoy the beauty of nature all around you more and you are at one with the world?’ Well this was the answer from Karen when she was asked, ‘What has a mindfulness course done for you?’

‘My mind is more taken up with the good things in the day rather than dwelling on what went wrong’, she went on. ‘My mind is less crowded out with thoughts and worries.’

Karen enjoys her job dealing with the public, but like most jobs it can get pressured. She went on to explain, ‘Mindfulness makes me more aware of challenging thoughts and emotions, like stress at work, and has given me the tools to manage them. I find I am able to do my job even better and enjoy it more.’

‘I also made new friends. It’s such a relief on the course to share thoughts honestly without having to pretend to be on top of everything all the time’.

I asked Karen whether she would recommend the mindfulness training, ‘Of course’ she said, ‘You have nothing to lose and everything to gain..more peace, more joy and new friends.’
Courses are starting soon: 25 September in East Grinstead and 26 September in Caterham. A daytime course will run in East Grinstead from 4 October, 10 - 12
Sue Bolton