Mindfulness Experts In South London

'I have loved how your manner reflects the qualities and aims of mindfulness. There is nothing like seeing it modelled!'

All of our teachers have been trained by the Center of Mindfulness Research and Practice that is part of the School of Psychology at Bangor University – an international center for excellence in mindfulness training. They all have a long personal experience of mindfulness practice and a high level of teaching skill and, where appropriate, receive supervision in the area they work in.

'Your calmness, kindness and support have been very affirming. Thank you.'

All our teachers adhere to the Good Practice Guidance for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses published by the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers.

The areas we cover include South London, East Grinstead in West Sussex, Caterham in Surrey and Kent


Susan Bolton BSc MSc Trainer:

‘Frazzled’ would have been a perfect description of my life when I first started to practise mindfulness over 20 years ago. Meditation gave me a calm place to go to and refresh each day. But it did not seem to impact much on my time at work, teaching….….and my poor husband!

Nevertheless I was delighted when my headteacher encouraged me to train to teach mindfulness to our pupils. I was concerned about their stress levels too. I had to take the adult Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course before I could learn how to teach it to pupils.

I was surprised and delighted to learn practices that I could use myself at school and at home. They were so practical. I was calmer in the classroom, found myself working more efficiently and I had more energy. The pupils enjoyed the lessons more and their achievement went up. This MBSR course gave me just what I needed to make the most of my skills and enthusiasm.

Pupils learnt mindfulness too. (the ‘.b’ course put together by the Mindfulness In Schools Programme,) What did they experience? ‘Miss, I was nervous going into the exam, but I did the mindfulness practice you taught and I just calmed down’. or ‘Miss, I am sleeping better’ or ‘I fight less with my sister’. They enjoyed the mindfulness training and got a lot out of it. Staff were keen to learn mindfulness. ‘It’s like WD40’ one said, ‘When we
practise mindfulness the lessons just go smoothly’.

Eventually, realising how much I believed that learning this skill is important and valuable, I left teaching in order to offer mindfulness training more widely.

The MBSR course is not just for teachers – it’s for everyone and anyone. Over the years I have watched hundreds of people, from all walks of life, discover what I discovered. I've worked in schools, GP practices, hospitals, libraries, charities, workplaces, on the radio and in the National Gallery.

You really can change your life. Now I use mindfulness every day to stress less and enjoy life more. As one full day follows another, I find it all too easy to get swept along by all the jobs that need to be done, putting myself under pressure in the process. Mindfulness enables me to take a mental step back, to see things in a broader perspective, to remember the things that really matter, the things that I think are important in life, and it supports me to create a life that is richer and more meaningful than it would otherwise be.

'You truly listen, Sue. You don't pretend to, you do.'

Heather Bolton BSc

Heather is a registered psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher. She first trained as a counsellor in the late 1980’s and has many years of experience in supporting people with a variety of life challenges.

She feels she has benefited a great deal from mindfulness herself since her
first 8 week MBSR course in 2004 and has increasingly integrated mindfulness
into her personal and work life. She originally trained to incorporate mindfulness into her individual therapy work as a Gestalt Psychotherapist but from
2012 began to teach mindfulness in a group setting.

She has taught an average 5 eight week mindfulness courses

in Bangor University, running courses for the general public and for particular groups such as the elderly.
She has worked for CMRP (Centre for Mindfulness and Research and Practice)
or worked-based courses) per year since then in various settings
has also worked extensively for MIND with individuals suffering from a range
of stress and mental health related difficulties.

Website: http://www.gwyneddmindfulness.co.uk

Annabel Bloom BSc

After studying Sri SriI have been teaching yoga since qualifying as

Yoga I decided to exchange a successful corporate career for teaching yoga. By sharing its secrets, my aim is to open the way to physical well-being and peace of mind to young and old alike.aSri Sri Yoga teacher in 2003.
I am qualified to teach yoga to adults and children, including those with special needs. I trained to teach yoga to children with leading practitioners Jo Manuel and Shana Meyerson, and have completed Sonia Sumar's Yoga for the Special Child Basic and Advanced training with Jo Manuel and Sonia Sumar respectively. I also teach Mindfulness Yoga. In 2014 I qualified as an Embodied Facilitator and this also influences my yoga teachings.

I continue to study yoga and regularly go on courses to deepen my knowledge and experience.