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Mindfulness - strengthening outstanding practice

In these cash-strapped days head teachers are thinking creatively about how to make the best use of limited resources.

Mindfulness training can support you in maximising the return on your biggest investment – your staff.

How can mindfulness do that?

  • Cutting staff absence

Research has shown that mindfulness can cut staff absence and reduce the cost of cover. Research studies repeatedly document that mindfulness actually boosts your immune system. It improves well-being and resilience and reduces stress. Staff feel better.

  • Strengthening Outstanding Practice

Greater staff well-being and engagement has been shown to result in improved pupil performance. But more than that, the greater calm, focus and concentration that mindfulness brings can lead to a more productive learning environment.

Improved relationships between staff and pupils and between staff is regularly reported following mindfulness training.
This creates an environment where staff and pupils can flourish. Confidence and creativity grow.

All of these outcomes have been confirmed by hundreds of peer-reviewed studies.

"I remain positive and effective in the face of everyday challenges. I focus on the most important tasks and work more efficiently."
- Deborah Richards, Teacher

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