Mindfulness training
for individuals, schools and organisations

Course Participants
'I wanted to thank you for the course at Chequer Mead. Initially I wasn't so sure it was for me, but I am so glad I kept going. I think it is so good the way you encourage our commitment to being there each week and to practise regularly - it really makes a difference.

As a trainer myself I found it so interesting that we all got to know each other in such a different way to the usual training courses where ice breakers etc are the order of the day. We started inside out!

Having received the letter I wrote in November (thank you) I think I have definitely changed. This may not be too noticeable to those around me but I hope it is. (at the end of the course participants write a letter to themselves about what they want to remember. The letters are posted by me some time later - Sue)

I really think I have gone some way to achieving all the things I mentioned in the letter. I feel calmer and I am managing to practise most days, and am doing my best to be kinder to others and myself!

I hope I will be able to come along to a future session - hopefully the one combined with Yoga which sounds interesting.

Thank you again for helping me to make positive changes to my life. ' Participant Jan 18

I sleep better. No more acid reflux. I stress less and enjoy life more.

'I respond rather than react more now. I feel calmer. I feel more still, relaxed and resilient. Thank you so much Sue! You are so caring and patient and your grounded energy has been really helpful and inisightful. I wish you every success with this.'

'Excellent course with helpful tools and materials.'
Its been a supportive, compassionate environment with really insightful teaching; thank you very much
"This course is one of the best investments of both time and money that I have made in my personal growth for a long time – and I’ve tried a lot of things."
'This was a sensitively-run, well-held course. I have really appreciated it and changed as a result of it'
"This course has not only given me some invaluable tools but also a much greater appreciation of myself and the world around me."

'I feel less stress. My memory is improving. I am calmer and that makes others calmer. I will continue to use the practice daily and hopefully inspire others.'
'I plan to use what I have learnt regularly in a range of situations and to continue to practise with a passion.'
"An absolutely excellent course. Sue is a first-class coach."

'I respond in a more measured and mature way and have better negotiating ability.'
'I have done meditation for years but feel that this is the first time I can use what I have learnt in real life.'

' I now recognise that stress is building much earlier and use one of the practices to help. I have found that having a space and time assigned every week to practising mindfulness is very helpful. I lost momentum when doing it alone.'
"I liked the way this whole course was presented. I left the course with a sense of confidence and a range of practical tools to deal with past and present anxieties."
'Thank you Sue - the course has been really helpful and enriching'
"It has been an enlightening experience – much more than I expected or hoped for. I have changed how I approach life and have learnt its OK to be me right now."