Mindfulness For Schools

'Sue Bolton's mindfulness workshop was one of the best I have attended in the 8 years I have been coordinating training for staff in schools.' K Pearson, PDC Co-ordinator
Sue Bolton is an experienced mindfulness trainer and former head of science. She has practised mindfulness for over 20 years and trained at the University of Bangor's Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice. 'Mindfulness not only got me out of frazzledom but also enabled me to work more effectively, efficiently and enjoyable. Pupil attainment went up. Staff colleagues say mindfulness makes their days flow easily.'

Mindfulness training in schools can

1. Reduce stress and increase well-being
2. Boost the immune system
3. Develop cognitive ability, focus and concentration

I believe Mindfulness training in schools offers staff and pupils skills they can use to flourish and thrive.
Mindfulness training is a nourishing, practical, fun way to bring greater well-being, boosted health and improved cognitive ability*.
*Meta-study by Professor Katherine Weare, Emeritus Professor at Southampton and Exeter Universities, see mindfulnessinschools.org

"Mindfulness helps create a more calm and productive learning environment." - Angela, Reception teacher

The training is backed by numerous research projects by universities such as Oxford and Exeter and has been shown to impact positively on the whole school community

'Mindfulness training enabled me to navigate through a turbulent time in my life and still be effective in school.' Teacher


"Mindfulness means going from existing to really living' Primary teacher 'My husband tells me I am so much calmer' Primary teacher
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